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Unknown (2021)

Photography by Israel Harris


Unknown (2021)

Directed by John Trunfio and Malia Lam 

Choreographed and Performed by John Trunfio and Malia Lam 

Music Composed by Kelvin Yuen 

Videography and Editing by Israel Harris

Unknown explores the larger concept of the shifting relationship between unfamiliarity and comfort. The dance revolves around the narrative of two beings investigating the unknown by stepping into it. As the work progresses, these two beings find a harmonious routine with the unknown. They learn to understand it until their relationship to it shifts. This alteration in conjunction with the unknown mirrors the inevitability of life moving forward without us when we choose to live the same mundane routine. Leaving us not knowing what is to come next.

This film premiered as a part of Fertile Ground's Virtual Film Series in 2021


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