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Blend (2020)

The following images are from a live performance of Blend that was showcased at the TADA Theatre as a part of Movement II in 2023


Blend (2020)

Choreographed and Performed by John Trunfio 

Music by Nyokabi Kariuki. 


Blend investigates my personal journey of trying to manifest the idea that my sexuality and identity are valid. The motivation behind the movement stems from personal experiences of feeling isolated and shamed for not being “gay enough”. The dance showcases the struggle of fighting homophobia and the social pressures of not fitting into gay culture through athleticism and violent thrashing. As the dance progresses, the temptation of receiving validity through fitting or dressing the role of the “desired homosexual man” drives me to the breaking point. 

The work premiered through an international Zoom broadcast for Opendance Space’s Virtual Gallery in 2020 which was hosted and produced by Vivake Khamsingsavath. 

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