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What We Do @ Night (2019)

The following images were taken during rehearsal at NYU


What We Do @ Night (2019)

Choreography by John Trunfio

Performed by Alaïa, Sarai Daniels, Alexa Flores, Annie Gelles, Daniel Ricardo Rocha, Makenna Hosobuchi-Wolff, and Lindsay Zogbi 

Active Participant: Cam Surh 

Music: Six Poems of Mokichi Santo: I by Jo Kondo and L'art pour l' art


What We Do @ Night centers around the idea of how as individuals we act differently in certain groups or spaces. Specifically, it plays with the novel concept of youth’s performativity around their parents or under supervision. Therefore, the dance represents the formation of an identity that is separate from our parent’s perception and approval. The dual movement motivation of obedience and freedom create a contrasting score. The mover’s real desires seep out as the dance progresses. 


The work premiered in 2019 at the Jack Crystal Theater during the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Summer Dance Term. 

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